Traduzione intervista a Chiara Nardi cosplay – Cosplayer e sweetlolita! [Coll. 7 Chord blog 1 parte]


Ciao cosplayers 🙂

Come promesso vi posterò qui sotto la traduzione della prima parte dell’intervista fatta a Chiara dedicata al mondo del Sweet Lolita!

Lo faccio perchè purtroppo tramite il blog di 7chord è possibile trovarla come il resto dei articoli in lingua giapponese e capisco che molti può diventare difficoltoso capire tutto!Quindi spero che così sia più comprensibile anche perchè l’intervista non è lunghissima ma abbastanza interessante se come Chiara amate questo stile! 😉


Ciao presentati al pubblico di Sevenchord!
Minasan konnichiwa^^
I’m Chiara, but you can call me Mihoko ♥
I’m a 23 cosplayer and lolita, I live in the north of Italy, close to the romantic Venice!
Thank you 7chord for this little interview, I’m so exited! ^///^
Sei nata come cosplayer e poi sei passata al mondo Sweet lolita, cosa ti ha portato a questa scelta?
Well, since I started with cosplay in 2009, I always dreamed about Lolita, especially Sweet and Classic style; it’s just I never had the courage to be a real Lolita, I thought I wasn’t cute enough for this style, and before dedicating all myself in cosplay, I tryed some gothic outfits and I felt horrible! I wasn’t cute at all, I looked completely wrong and different from what I imagined. So I started to cosplay, and nowadays it’s thanks of cosplay if I am also a Lolita. In these years I learned a lot of things about make-up, dresses, accessories, and everything you need to do a good job and to have an acceptable complete look. Finally, less than a year ago, I decided to try again the Lolita style with more diligence and attention to detail, starting with simple outfits and improving going on. I am never completely satisfied of the final result, but I try do do my best everytime I create a coord^^
Cosa è per te il Lolita?
To me, Lolita is a side of me, maybe the girly and coloured one! I’m the typical girl who loves victorian dresses, who was exited at school while studying History and Literature. I love tea rooms, books and cute things like Pullip, ponys, cats and Sailor Moon! This is so unusual for me, because in my daily life I wear dark clothes and I hate light colors, on the contrary when I wear lolita I feel like a sort of princess. When I transform myself in a Loli, I feel comfortable with myself, that is very rare! I’ve always been so short (1,50 cm sigh ><), so this is a sort of problem since I was young. There are many characters I love, but that I can’t cosplay because of my phisical appearence, then for Lolita it’s different; it’s not like cosplay, when you choose a specific character, you have to be it. Lolita is a sort of freedom, you can be yourself, but with a touch of cuteness and elegance. When I wear loli dresses I don’t care about my stature, or about my similarity with a character. I’m only myself, I don’t have to act, it’s all so natural and comes from who I really am. I can be the shy and petite girl dressed in lace and ribbons without worrying about what other people think!
C’è più ricercatezza di particolari e nel sembrare perfette in questo mondo o nel cosplay?
I think that both in cosplay and Lolita, details are very important, they could make your work wonderful or a disaster. If you create a perfect cosplay but you don’t pay attention on details, it’s not a complete work, and at the same time if you wear a Loli dress without thinking about accessories, you are incomplete at the same way. There are many details (like coloured lenses, false eyelashes, makeup, wig, shoes), that Lolita and cosplay have in common.
I think the only difference is that in cosplay you have a sort of guide to follow thanks of the drawings and images you have of the character that already exists, you only have to recreate it for real. In Lolita it’s up on you, cause you have to find the right accessories that fits perfectly with your dress, or tights, or bag. Maybe it’s a little more difficult than cosplay cause you have to use imagination and try to understand if everything you wear fits well. It’s not simple to create the perfect coord, especially if you’re not an expert^^
I’m not so good in building accessories for cosplay and also in lolita, I’d like to improve!
Finally, I think Lolita is so feminine and elegant, it gives you sweetness and grace, and everyone should try this feelings at least once in life!



Fine prima parte [la prossima la pubblicherò con l’uscita del nuovo articolo su 7chord!!] ❤



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