Traduzione intervista a Chiara Nardi cosplay – Cosplayer e sweetlolita! [Coll. 7 Chord blog 2 parte]


Ecco la seconda parte tradotta dell’intervista fatta a Chiara e alla sua passione per il mondo del Sweet Lolita!

Spero che questo piccolo articolo vi abbia incuriosito,è stata per me un’esperienza molto piacevole!! ❤


Come lo vivi in Italia? [emozioni,come viene visto da altri…] Cosa ti piace e cosa vorresti magari cambiasse!
Here in Italy, we have some small communties of girls who organize Harajuku Fashion Walks or meetings and Loli pic nic in our bigger cities. I think it’s so cute and it’s the perfect way to share the same passion with other people! It’s amazing when you go round the city for a photoshoot, and suddenly tourists are interested on what you are doing and they ask you about it! Foreign people is always kind and appreciate this doll lifestyle.
But I’d like to be considered more than this: when you go to a comics in Lolita instead of cosplay, you are considered less than cosplayers, like you were on a lower level. Lolita style in Italy is at his beginning,not so known. But not so many years ago it was the same for cosplay, so I hope in the next future things will change also for us little living dolls!

Come costruisci i tuoi look?Hai dei siti/negozi preferiti?
I always try to coordinate my look starting with the dress, then comes the blouse, the socks, the shoes, the bag and finally arrives the wig with the headdress. It’s complicate to choose the right wig because of the color of the ribbons or bonnets you wear. In the end I decide the color of the lenses, I always spend a lot of time on this, cause I always want a makeup and facial expression that is different for every outfit I wear.
I love Bodyline Yokoso; Lolita clothes are often expensive, but Bodyline is so good if you want a cute dress without lots of money!
I always take a look also on Lacemarket and other groups on FB of secondhand clothes, it’s the perfect way to save money, you only have to be lucky and have the patience to find the model and size that fits on you!
Qual’è la tua filosofia di vita?
“Let’s take a cup of tea and read a book.”

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Alla prossima 🙂


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